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Kid Dancing at Home

Waacking DIY Community is a website dedicated to waacking dancers around the world. Our community is made up of passionate and talented individuals who share a love for this unique dance style. We offer a variety of resources including tutorials, articles, and forums to help you improve your waacking skills and connect with other dancers. Join our community today and become a part of the waacking movement!

Waack Nation only support

In todays world we find the most horrific and evil actions made by governments and legal systems. War, racism, sexism, homophobia, legal injustice and actions of global destructions. Waack Nation is working internationally,  but our team and brand represent and suppoert ONLY love, peace and humanity! Dance is a language all nations speak and our dance floor is the ground of a peaceful nation named "Waacking culture". We don't discriminate anyone who enters the floor with the same vision for love and harmony. 


"Darkness can not drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate can not drive out hate, only love can do that" - Martin Luther King Jr.

Waacking, and dance in general, unites us as humans when the politicians in our countries makes decisions we don't personally support. People are the strongest voice - without a common ground to meet each other - no future peace will grow. 

Waack Nation does NOT support the countries that are doing military attacks on other countries.

Waack Nation does NOT support the countries that suppress homosexuality.
Waack Nation does NOT support the countries that suppress womens rights and freedom
Waack Nation does NOT support the countries with harmfull actions to the global environment 
Waack Nation does NOT support the countries without democracy and free speech.

We support no countries, but we support the innocent and peaceful dancers who are sharing their love for the peaceful Waacking dance scene.

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Thank You!

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